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take care of online safety

We care for your safety. We request you all to read the Safety Tips mentioned below and also use your own judgment to ensure your safety.
Please remember that is for everyone Remember to take adequate precautions to prevent any situations that can embarrass you or expose you to danger.

  Parents beware encourages all Parents with children below the age of 18 years to know the children's activity and monitor it.

  Protect Your Identity is a simulated version of our technology world. Here you can connect with your friends and family to share your Photos, videos and technology related articles. It is also a place to make new knowledge based on your interests. Just like in the real world there will be people who would like to take undue advantage of your online acquaintance using personal information that you might have posted on Personal information like your telephone number or home address should NEVER be shared with other users. Watch out for accidental showcasing of your personal information like your home frontyard or License number plate in your videos, photos or blogs.

  Don't trust everyone. Show discretion

Sharing information, photos or videos is fun but you never know who will find it—it might even get featured on the front page or wind up on the top of the Most Viewed! If your content is personal, please consider setting the privacy to the appropriate level. provides four different privacy options
Also meeting your online friends in person whom you do not fully know should be avoided. If you do need to meet such a person, please ensure you meet him/her in a public place along with your friend or a trusted adult.

  Keep Safe and Clean. Report any abuse

Sometimes a Photo, Video or post (comments, Forum discussions) might be very abusive and the situation might become pretty rough. We suggest you keep your cool and report the matter to us. We will take the required action. If someone leaves a comment on your posting that is mean or bothers you, you can always delete the comment. doesn't allow any content with nudity, graphic violence or hatred. If you come across any abusive content do not hesitate to Report it to us. 

Beware of Phishing scams will never request for personal information through emails. So please do not email any personal information via your email to

Remember we want you to have a great time.
Do contact us if you have a problem. 
Have FUN and stay connected