Sunday, March 31, 2013

Web server the A to Z about what is web server

web server is a computer,including software package that provides a specific kind of services to client
software running on other computers .it is also computer on the world wide web that stores HTML 
documents that can be retrieved via a web browser. every server has an ip address and possibly a domain name.

Example if you enter http/ in your browser.this sends a request to the server whose domain is server then fetches the page named index.html and sends it to you browser

Any computer can be turned into web server by installing server software and connecting machine to the internet.A website itself is hosted on the web server 

the web server can mean one of the two things 

1. A computer responsible for web pages ,mostly HTML documents via HTTP protocol to clients.mostly web browsers.

2. A software program that is working as an daemon serving web documents 


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